About us

Swiss Protection Services Group (SPSG) is an independent private security company and was founded in 1996. SPSG is based in the heart of Switzerland and employs a headquarters staff and a team of Executive Protection Agents, analysts and investigators. SPSG sources its operational employees from a pool of nearly 20 agents including former police officers, former military dignitary protection, and private sector alumni.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to perform and maintain high standards in Executive Protection with highest priority on discretion and your safety. Our code of ethics is best concluded in our maxim integrity, reliability, discretion.
Integrity starts in the hiring process, where we set ourselves apart by exclusively employing specialists with years of proven experience. It is maintained by giving our agents a coherent code of conduct to adhere to.
Reliability is essential in every mission providing security services. Over 20 years of experience and countless successful missions with satisfied customers speak for themselves.
Discretion completes a successful operation and does not end with the mission. Not only is our client’s safety and satisfaction guaranteed, our aim is to be perceived only when it is necessary.

We will continue to challenge all of our business processes to achieve and exceed our customers and groups key performance indicators in operational and commercial sectors. We shall continue to surpass our aims through delivering workable solutions to the continual delight of our clients and partners.

Code of Ethics

Our Personal Protection Specialists have an ethical responsibility to our clients that goes far beyond the expectations of most other positions. The client’s life may depend on the integrity and professionalism of the Protection Specialist, who must be completely trusted by the client to ensure his safety. SPSG provides an Code of Ethics and set of conduct guidelines for its alumni.  Personal Protection Specialists must also need to follow the ethical guidelines required for an deployment in a SPSG-Details.

Client First

Putting the well-being of the client first in (almost) all situations

Our Solutions

Corporate and Private Protection Services

The Swiss Protection Services Group (SPSG) specializes in protecting individuals and their families traveling to Switzerland. Our experienced Executive Protection Agents are trained to reduce risks to your security and privacy while operating with discretion and allowing you to maintain your normal lifestyle.

Our services

  • Executive Protection
  • Diplomatic Protection Service
  • Protective Intelligence
  • Threat and risk assessments
  • Domestic logistical support
  • Crisis Management
  • Travel Ground Transportation and Support
  • Maritime for Executive Protection Operations
  • Aviation Support and Security
  • Emergency Evacuation Service

Our segments

  • Private Individuals and Families
  • Embassies and Consulates
  • Corporate Clients
  • International Organisations
  • Family Offices
  • High-net-worth individual (HNWI)

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